Friday, February 22, 2013

My Top 5 Fashion Blogs

Blogspot is mostly, for me, a place I come to swim in the creative talents of those far more creative than I, specifically in the are of women's fashion. It is an area I have long been interested in mostly as a spectator but also, at times to different ladyfriends, an advisor. I like bold colors, classy but flirty, legwear, skirts and dresses over pants and pattern/color mixing. In no way would I ever say that these are what people should wear or what constitutes "good fashion", its just my opinion and what I like. That's why I made a Tumblr blog to share my favorite finds. Actually, it was meant to just warehouse these outfits/hairstyles for myself, but since its inception last August, 207 people have joined in to appreciate it as well. It is a rewarding feeling to know some people think my taste is a bit of alright to be sure, but I would be doing it if it was only me. So, to build a bridge between my 2 blogs, here are my top 5 favorite fashion blogs from blogspot.

Amy at

And not just because you are 1 of my 3 most favorite people on Earth because you follow my little blog, it because you are a creative, smart, fun, brave fashion maestro capabale of putting elements together that I would never think to use and making them gorgeous. And the fact you are a stunning model for these fashions is another big reason as well. Your photos always make me smile.

Rosalba at

She posts infrequently as she is currently a busy, busy student but it is always a treat whenever she takes the time out to share. Her looks are mostly very classic, straightforward, university-chic and she is wonderful at picking the pieces that suit her best. Her fashion can be fun, quirky and charming as are her prose-only posts. A very beautiful young woman with so much to offer. Very much worth a look.

Lauren at

Lauren seems to have an endless closet of beautiful, vintage pieces that she wears so well. She also has a strong collection of patterned tights which are a favortie of mine. So much of the legwear focus is on the basic black, she brings pops of color and texture that are very refreshing. Always with gorgeous hair, always with the demure smile shot, just a classy, lovely lady with a taste for times gone by.

Sian at

Lovely patterned dresses mixed with bold colored tights and accessories. She has a real eye at color and pattern mixing and is never afraid to put odd items together to make lovely fashion. A very bright and beautiful woman.

Maria at

Proving exactly how big a vintage buff I am, here is another lovely young lady whose closet is chock full of high-quality, delicate, fantastic dresses from times long gone, skirts, tops you name it. The variety is impressive and always beautiful. She is a porcelain doll of a model, a great canvas to use for her creative fashions.
Easily could do 5 more as there is no end to the amazing folks populating Blogspot but this is way harder work than it looks :) If you have any interest in my fashion blog its is at Thanks for reading and Happy Fashion!


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My Top 5 Fashion Blogs
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