Friday, June 1, 2012

I'll Tumblr 4 Ya'

Kind of an up and down night for me on Tumblr this evening.  On the plus side, I reached out, as usual, to 2 different people I follow and both actually wrote me back very much appreciating it.  It seems the more people are in distress the more sense I make to them.  Its my empathy.  People who feel lost, afraid, alone are searching for someone that really cares.  It happens to me in  stores and restaurants with total strangers, men and women, old and young.  And I can sometimes feel those emotions coming before the words do when they're strong enough.  Tougher on here of course but I'm not rendered totally blind thankfully.  Sometimes, I get no response or even a dismissive response and that hurts but its ok.  The point of this isn't to make me feel better or gain me anything.

Along those lines had to let several blogs go this evening.  Mostly due to so many repeat posts but a few of them were people I knew I had gotten to the end of my being able to be helpful for them.  That's not the only reason I follow blogs, but its the only reason I follow some.  Was not an easy decision to come to in any event.

I'm so sensitive lately it gets to be a bit much.  Used to keep to myself all the time and it was so comfortable and easy and I hardly ever got hurt.  But I can't go back to that.  I have work to do.  Work which sometimes is spectacularly rewarding, even if that reward is getting a :) out of someone with a broken heart.


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I'll Tumblr 4 Ya'
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